Infernum - ...Taur-Nu-Fuin... LP
Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre LP

Satanic Warmaster - Opferblut LP

Daäth Shadow - Crown For Kings CD
Dapnom - Paralipomènes À La Divine Comédie Digi CD
Dark Celebration - Phlegeton: The Transcendence of Demon Lords
Dark Fortress - Profane Genocidal Creations CD
Dark Opus - Ignominious Fundamentals Digi MCD lim. to 470
Darkestrah - Turan Lim. Digi CD
Darvulia - Belladone MCD Digisleeve lim. to 499 handnumbered
De Silence Et D'Ombre - Vol. IV - Worship The Hideous CD
Dead Beat Project - Breaking the shell CD
Deadly Spawn - Forced into Atrocities CD
Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence DoCD in Slipcase

Ambush - Firestorm CD
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction CD

Besatt - Hail Lucifer CD
Bethlehem - Stönkfitzchen MCD
Beyond Black Void - Desolate CD
Beyond Light - Eclipsed Sun Path CD
Beyond Ye Grave - Total Fucking Decadence
Bhaobhan Sidhe - Best of CD
Bitter Peace - Glorificus Vis CD
Black Angel / Black Empire - Split CD
Black Angel / Night Witchcraft - Black Angel Attack CD
Black Hammer - Darker Days Will Come MCD
Black September / Ravenlord Darkstorm - Split CD
Bland Vargar - Notturno 11 Digi MCD
Blessed In Sin - Eritis Sicut Dii CD
Blizzard - Fuck The Universe CD
Blodsrit - Ocularis Infernum Digi CD
Bombthreat - Wolf MCD
Bone Gnawer - Carved MCD
Bound for Tombe - Scourge CD
Buried God - Dark Revelation CD
Buzzov•en - ...At a Loss Digi CD
Camulos - Spiel Des Blutes CD
Cauldron Black Ram -The Poisoner Maxi-EP Digi MCD + Sticker
Cenotaph - Saga Belica CD
Irae / Black Command - The Immortal Circle Of The Adversary Split CD
Xentrix - For Those Advantage CD

Banished from Inferno - Minotaur Digi CD
Baptism - Evil Mysteries MCD
Bastion - Dawn of swarog CD
Beherit - At The Devil's Studio 1990 CD
Berserk - Return of the Ancient Laws re-release with 4 bonustracks
Berserk - Rites of Supremacy CD

Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker - Long Way To The Light LP red Vinyl

Adultery - Age of Rebirths (Inferno/ Silva Nigra members)
Adustum - Searing Fires and Lucid Visions Digi CD
Aere Aeternus - Humanity Needs No Funeral Digifile CD
Aeternus Odium - Tropas De Lúcifer CD
Affliction Gate - Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)
Affliction Gate - Shattered Ante Mortem Illussions MCD
Aisling - Trath Na Gaoth MCD
Alastor - Nobele North Digi, CD (in the vein from old Satyricon)
Aldebaran (USA) - Dwellers in Twilight CD
Aldebaran / Rue - Split CD
Altar of Perversion / Mordaehoth - Tributo a Der Blutharsch Split MCD
Am Tuat - Inmotion CD
Amenthis - Dualism CD
Amniotic Count - Not Born Yet CD
Ampulheta - Neblina CD
Anal Blasphemy - Perversions Of Satan CD
Anal Blasphemy - Sermons Of A Sodomite MCD
Ancestors Blood - A Dark Passage From The Past CD
Ancient Gods / Infinitum Obscure - Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum Split CD
Angelcorpse - Exterminate CD
Angelcorpse - Hammer of Gods CD
Angstridden - F... humanity with pride MCD
Aosoth - IV Arrow In Heart Digi CD
Aosoth - V - The Inside Scriptures CD
Apocalypse Command - Apocalypse Command Demo MCD
Apostate - From Consign To Oblivion to A Song Of The Dead Lake CD
Ars Macabra - III CD
Asag - Asag CD
Asshole (Fra) - Best of the Worst CD
Astaroth - Organic Perpetual Hatework CD
Azarath - In Extremis Digi CD
The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension CD

Hellwell - Behind the Demon's Eyes LP black
Manilla Road - Dreams Of Eschaton DLP black
Manilla Road - Underground LP black Vinyl